Santa Monica Parish Church @ Pan-ay, Capiz

Before 1692 - First Built
1774 - The Church was rebuilt
March 5,1874 - Damaged by a Typhoon
January 17,1875 - Transept Toppled during the Typhoon
1884- Present Church was built under direction of Father Jose Beloso
1997 - Santa Monica Church declared a National Historical Landmark

Architectural Style: Filipino Colonial Baroque

How to Get to Santa Monica Church
Roxas City is serviced by Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific. It is just a 1 Hour Plane Ride. From Roxas City you can take the Jeepney which goes to Pan-ay. You can also ask the Tricycle Driver to bring you to Pan-ay which is 11 Kilometers from Roxas or 20 minutes travel time. The Tricycle driver quoted P80 for 1 Way and P100 for a Round-Trip.

My Thoughts on Santa Monica Church
When I saw Santa Monica church i was awed by its massiveness. When i went inside i was wowed. Seeing Old Retablos always amazes me. It is such a joy to see how they were able to preserve their Antique Retablos and Antique Santos. After looking at the Interiors of the Church we then went to the Bell. The Bell is massive and impressive.

--oo0 THE BELL 0oo--

--oo00 Views from the Bell Tower 00oo--


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