Church of Daraga / Our Lady of the Gate Church (Daraga, Albay)

My Thoughts on the Church: I was very impressed with this Church. The Facade is a work of Art, with ornate Carvings. The presence of Mount Mayon is another reason as to why i was impressed. The Inside of the church though has been modernized and the facade of the Church painted white instead of the Original. They should have just left the facade as is.

How to Get to the Church: It is very easy to get to the Church, from Legazpi City just ride the Jeep (Fare from Legazpi to Daraga P10.00) which says Daraga and just tell the driver to drop you off near the Church. From where you 
will get off it is just 1-2 minutes walk uphill to the Church.

Why Go to the Our Lady of the Gate Church: This Church is probably the most breathtaking Church i have ever seen. The sight of Mount Mayon in the Background is something really Impressive.

Links to the Our Lady of the Gate Church


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