San Agustin Church @ Intramuros, Manila

1571 - Bamboo and Nipa Church was built
December 1574 - Church was destroyed by fire during the attempted invasion of Manila by Limahong
February 1583 - Second Church made of wood was razed by fire
1586 - Construction of a new church began
January 19,1607 - Church was declared complete
1762 - Church was looted by the British
1854 - the Church was renovated under the supervision of Architect Luciano Oliver
August 18,1898 - the church was the site where 
Spanish Governor-General Fermin Jaudenes prepared 
the terms for the surrender of Manila to the United States of America 
following the Spanish-American War

This Church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

San Agustin Church is located in Intramuros, Manila

Architectural Style: Baroque

Facade of the San Agustin Church

The custom before was that Illustrious members 
of the church were buried inside the church.
Inside San Agustin Church, the remains of Don Antonio Ayala, 
his daughter Dona Trinidad de Ayala Zobel 
and Don Jacobo Zangroniz Zobel are buried.

On the other side, the remains of Dona Carmen de Ayala Roxas,
her husband Don Pedro Roxas y Castro 

and other members of the Roxas and Ayala
clan are buried.

A Statue of the Virgin Mary inside the space assigned to the Ayala, Zobels and Roxas Family Members

Santo Entierro and Christ on the Cross near the Main Entrance
of the San Agustin Church


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