Saint Thomas of Villanueva Parish Church @ Miagao, Iloilo

This Church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

1734 - The Church was built
1741 - The Church was looted and burned by Moro Raiders
1744-1750 - The second Church was built by Fr. Camporredendo
1754 - The Church was burned by pirates
1786 - The Church was built on a Hill with a view of the Miagao River
1797 - The Church was completed
1898 - Damaged by Fire during the Revolution
January 5,1948 - Damaged by an Earthquake and immediately restored by Monsignor Wenceslao Enojo
1959-1962 - Restored again by Monsignor Leonardo Javillo and the NHI under Esteban Ocampo
February 16,1963 - A Historical Marker was placed on the Church by the National Historical Commission
August 1,1973 - Declared a National Historical Landmark
1994 - Declared a Unesco World Heritage Site

Architectural Style: Baroque

How to get to Miagao:
To get to Miagao. You can hire a Taxi from the Airport or Van. If you want a Cheaper way to get there, ride the Multi Cabs found at the Right side upon exiting the Airport. Fare is P10.00 until the Sta Barbara Terminal. Then ride a Jeepney or Bus going to Iloilo City. From Iloilo City take a Jeepney with signs going to Miagao or San Joaquin. Or take a Bus going to San Jose de Buenavista and go down Miagao.


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