Immaculate Conception Cathedral (Manila Metropolitan Cathedral) @ Manila

1581 - First Cathedral made of Nipa and Bamboo was built
1582 - Nipa and Bamboo Cathedral was damaged by a Typhoon
1583 - Nipa and Bamboo Cathedral was razed by fire
1592 - Second Cathedral (made of stone) was built
1600 - Second Cathedral made of stone was destroyed by an Earthquake
1614 - Third Cathedral was built
1645 - Third Cathedral was destroyed by an Earthquake
1654-1671 - Fourth Cathedral was built
1863 - Cathedral was damaged by a Very Strong Earthquake
1870-1879 - The Fifth Cathedral was contructed
1880 - Belltower was toppled by an Earthquake
1945 - Cathedral was reduced to Rubble during the Battle of Manila
1954-1958 Present Cathedral was constructed
1981 - Elevated to Minor Basilica by Pope John Paul II

Architectural Style: Neo-Romanesque

Facade of the Manila Cathedral 

Dome of the Manila Cathedral

Confession Booth

Terracotta Sculpture by Antonio Raymundo

Mosaic inside the Cathedral

The Immaculate Conception Cathedral or more popularly known as the Manila Cathedral is located in Intramuros, City of Manila.


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