Saint Peter the Apostle Church @ Apalit, Pampanga

1629-1630 - First Built by Father Juan Cabello
1854-1860 - Built as a three-nave stone and brick church by Father Juan de Alarcia
June 3,1863 - Church destroyed by an Earthquake
1876-1883 - Present Church built by Mariano Santos of Guagua 
under the supervision of Father Antonio Redondo
1896 - the Bell Towers were completed

"the Church houses the Miraculous Life Size Ivory Image of Saint Peter which
was brought to the Philippines from Spain"

Architectural Style: Neo-Classic

Facade of Saint Peter the Apostle Church

Main Door of the Church

This is Apung Iro or Grandfather. A Life Size Ivory Statue of Saint Peter
brought to the country from Spain during a Religious Voyage


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