San Fernando de Dilao Church @ Paco, Manila

1580 - First Built using Nipa and Bamboo
1599-1601 - Rebuilt using stone by Father Juan de Garrovillas
October 3,1603 - burned during the Chinese uprising
1606 - Church rebuilt and built with stone
1762 - The Church was burned during the British Invasion
1791 - Nipa and Bamboo church was built 
1809-1814 - new Church was built by Father Bernardo de la Concepcion
1852 - Church destroyed by an Earthquake
July 19, 1880 - Church destroyed by an Earthquake
1881 - Reconstruction of the Church was started
1892 - Church partially destroyed by a Typhoon
1896 - Church reconstruction completed by Father Gilberto Martin
February 5,1899 - Church was bombed and completely burned during the Philippine-American War
August 1931 - Construction of the Present Church was started

The San Francisco de Dilao Church is located at 1521 Paz Street, Paco, Manila

Architectural Style: Neo Classic

Facade of the Church


  1. Hello from Spain! Thank you for this blog. I have been watching some photos about the Mabitac Church because I am investigating about this concrete city. Do yo know if there is any paper archives in this Church or near? Thank you.
    Best regards,

  2. Hello Francisco. Thank you for visiting my Blog. I have no idea if there are any archives about the church. but usually the church keeps an archive. are you just interested in Mabitac Church? Vic

  3. Hi.. correction..


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