Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Cathedral (Malolos Cathedral) @ Malolos, Bulacan

1591 - First Built with Light Materials
1691 - Rebuilt and enlarged by Father Roque Barrionuevo
1734 - Rebuilt with stronger materials by Father Fernando Sanchez
1740 - Church completed by Father Juan de Meseguer
1753 - Minor Restorations done by Father Jose de Vivar
1813 - Church destroyed by Fire
1819 - reconstruction of the present church started by Father Melchor Fernandez
October 14,1826 - Church was consecrated
June 3,1863 - the Church was severely damaged by an Earthquake
1859-1872 - Church resorted by Father Ezekiel Moreno
July 19,1880 - Convent was damaged by an Earthquake
1883 - Convent was restored by Father Juan Tombo 
1884 - Convent completed by Father Felipe Garcia 
1902-1936 - Church was rebuilt by Monsignor Pedro Abad
1963 - Restorations done on the church by Engineer Alfredo Aldaba

Architectural Style: Neo-Classic

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  1. I was just there yesterday and I viewed the gallery of saints. You have a St Louis of Montpellier there with a dog and I searched vainly in the internet to know the story of this St Louis. Turns out it is St Roch of Montpellier. He was infected with the Bubonic Plague and went to the forest to die. A dog came to bring him bread until he survived. Another name for St Roch is SAN ROQUE.


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