San Roque Parish Church @ Caloocan City, Metro Manila


  1. I would like to complaint Mr. Raul Roque Parish secretary for being so rude and arrogant yesterday. I was there at the church admin yesterday to get my sons baptismal certificate but unfortunately upon getting the baptismal certificate the middle initial of my son was not there. I ask them why it was not written in the certificate they said to me shouting that it was my consequence because i wasn't able to give the birth certificate upon baptismal or a week after baptismal. I told them i have here the Kasunduan letter that if i am going to get the baptismal certicate of my son i should present the birth certificate. It was not said there upon getting. there is no mandatory that i need to give them the birth certicate immediately. Mr. Raul explaining to me shouting infront of many clients and staff's inside the room. He was very rude to do that he even told me "hindi porke sa simbahan kami nagta trabaho hindi na kami pwedeng magalit". I am a 5months pregnant but despite my situation he even shouted to me outside the admin office. Fortunate for me that I came to Father Benedict and told him what had happen he was very courteous and kind enough to help me. That Mr. Raul should be oust to the parish office because of his attitude and manner. With that kind of manner he should not be given such position especially in the church. He was a big disappointment to San Roque Church.

  2. in a legal purposes the complete name really matters. As in complete with first name middle and surname.


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